Lori Buckby Naked Oil Paddling Pool Fun

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There are many reasons why Lori Buckby has been one of the most popular Babestation babes of the last 10 years, and one of the most popular babeshows models of all time. Her pretty face is one, and her fantastic sexy toned body is another. Yet another however is her willingness to get naked and naughty, and this video, available exclusively in the Babestation VIP members area, shows you exactly what she is capable of!

Lori Buckby on a recliner in her undies

Lori starts off in a white recliner chair, wearing tiny panties and a white top. She gyrates and shows off her hot bod for you. It is not long before the top comes off, and the bottle of oil comes out.

Lori Buckby topless with oiled boobs

Striding over to the paddling pool, baby oil bottle in hand, Lori starts by oiling up those beautiful big boobs, followed by the rest of her body, ending up lying spreadeagled on the floor of the greasy pool.

Lori Buckby nude with all over oiled body

Then off come the panties, and Lori shows off her oiled up body in all its glory, and explores herself in front of your eyes! See this exciting and action-packed video right now by joining Babestation VIP.