Lori Buckby Construction Worker Strip

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An older photoshoot from the lovely Babestation legend Lori Buckby! From way back in 2010, when Lori had sexy blonde hair, and pre-enhanced boobs. She still looks amazing however! Popping in for a break from her busy construction worker job, Lori has somehow managed to get herself wrapped in yellow tape!

Lori Buckby in a skimpy bikini leaning on a pole on a construction site

Luckily that is pretty much all she has on, and pretty soon she gets rid of her blue bra to show off those cute perky tits.

Lori Buckby wearing a construction helmet and a skimpy bikini

She goes on to use her yellow protective hat to protect her assets from the camera, but does not do a very good job!

Lori Buckby topless hiding her boobs behind a yellow helmet

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