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Olivia Berzinc on Babestation TV


Olivia Berzinc Before The Babeshows

Before joining the world of the live babeshows, Olivia Berzinc Babestation had extensive experience in various categories including Catwalk, fashion, promotional, glamour, and more. Her work has been featured in reputable publications such as The Daily Mail, The Sport, and ZOO magazine. She has collaborated with talented photographers for their personal websites. Additionally, she has performed as the Lead Girl in Aggro Santos' music video and a well-known Bollywood rapper's video. Furthermore, she also has had experience promoting major brands by participating in events such as the opening of solicitor buildings for Playboy TV and hosting yacht parties in Dubai and Majorca for What Next Media. She also made appearances at clubs on behalf of Corona Extra UK, The Secret Party Projects, and Corkies.

 Olivia has extensive knowledge of both mainstream and niche names in the modeling industry. In addition to collaborating with numerous fetish photographers, she has gained popularity on platforms such as 'Born to Tease', 'Boarderland Bound', and 'UK tickle'. These experiences were highly enjoyable and entertaining for her. Consequently, she ventured into selling custom clips encompassing a diverse range of fetishes, all with the intention of satisfying her fans. Furthermore, she also appeared on webcam in the BBC3 documentary series titled 'The Secret Life of A Webcam Girl'.

 During her time as a glamour model, Olivia's work was featured in various lad magazines including Mayfair, The Daily Sport, The Sun, and Zoo. She later transitioned into presenting adult TV shows such as Playboy TV (where she received the Newcomer of the Year award in 2012), Studio66, and Babestation. In 2018, Olivia retired from the adult TV industry but continued to pursue modeling while also establishing a handful of businesses including Phantom Boutique, a clothing boutique. Currently, Olivia serves as the main presenter for an exciting new TV show called Iconic Rides where she showcases her passion for cars.


Olivia Berzinc Babestation Babe Channels

 It doesn’t get much hotter than Olivia Berzinc - This smoking hot brunette glamour model and babeshows girl has been in the XXX industry for the last decade and is a fan favourite on the babe channels. Curvy with big boobs, toned abs and a perfect ass, Olivia is every man’s favourite porn fantasy and her Olivia Berzinc JOI cheap mobiel phone sex expert.  When you call for filthy hardcore phone sex chat, you’re guaranteed to get the full Olivia Berzinc porn experience. She specialises in the art of the tease and she has even been on several mainstream TV shows including one for the BBC about nude cam girls, showing off her skills and adult phone chat techniques. She first entered the babeshows industry when she was a teen 18+ and she has appeared in topless and semi nude magazines throughout the UK.

You will usually find Olivia Berzinc nude on Babestation TV but on the off chance when you don’t see her on live TV you will probably find her on pervcam or webcam or via her own Olivia Berzinc Onlyfans page where she loves to strip naked and play with her Olivia Berzinc pussy and big tits.

 This babe radiates sex appeal and class so if you are looking for a woman to tip well, spoil and treat like a princess, Olivia Berzinc ticks all the boxes. She is best friends with Alice Goodwin and if you are lucky you will see the pair in a hot lesbian girl on girl cam show. In her spare time you’ll find Olivia Berzinc naked, shooting custom content for Onlyfans or taking pics for Twitter and Olivia Berzinc Instagram.

Olivia likes to dress up in sexy roleplay costumes such as college girl or sexy secretary complete with black rimmed glasses or in sexy black lingerie.  She has a vast collection of lingerie in all different style to accentuate her long legs, her big tits and tight ass. You won’t be able to contain yourself when Olivia starts describing in her smooth sexy tone of voice how she would give you a blowjob or fuck you in the cowgirl position. All this happens in her private webcam room or via phonesex where all of your fantasies come true! Olivia’s clips and caps often appear on tube sites such as spankbang but if you want to see nude, topless and XXX videos and pictures head to the VIP members area where you will see a lot more of Olivia. This babe knows exactly what to say to get you in the mood so tell her what turns you on and she will make it happen whether its feet worship, BDSM, bondage or humiliation!


Olivia Berzinc Studio 66 Debut

Around 2014, Olivia made her debut on Studio 66, appearing on the night show and on S66Cams.  She promoted her appearance on Twitter with the following Tweet:

Back on @studio66tv tonight! Back earlier than thought so let’s work up a sweat later tonight for #filthy #phonesex #fun Xx

 We’ve taken a deep dive into the babeshow forums to find out what the reaction was to Olivia’s S66 debut.  Here’s what the fans had to say:

Chef 34 said: Very Good Debut on S66 for Olivia she Always Puts in lots of Effort and she has Bundles of Energy,Her Gorgeous Bum looked a Delight bent over the Desk and you have to be impressed by her Big Boobs,Looking Forward to seeing more of Olivia on S66.

 Rammy Rascal said: Very good s66 debut from Olivia last night. liked the outfits she wore, used each set she was on well given she hadn't been on them before and the night was capped off by the sight of Olivia naked 
so far looks like Olivia is shaping up to be a very good signing for s66

JimmyT73 said: Great signing, Awesome debut including going naked,i all can say is when is she on again because it needs to be soon with performances as good as that,you do have to wonder why RLC didnt use her more,ah well their loss is S66s and our gain, just hope they can hang on to her. because babes like her could be vital to their survival as a serious babeshow provider.

Olivia Berzinc Red Light Central

Then we looked further back to 2012, and found some original forum reactions to Olivia’s night show debut on Red Light Central, when she made the transition from appearing on the dayshow to appearing on the RLC nightshow, hitting the ground running and proving how well she was suited to it.

Here’s some Babeshow Forum comments about Olivia Berzinc’s Red Light Central:

After she appeared in a Playboy bunny outfit, AV1 said this about Olivia’s performance:

Olivia has looked simply stunning tonight, add to that the surprise factor of tonight's appearance
and the fact she has effortlessly crossed from days to nights putting in the type of show you would
expect from a babeshow veteran, i think i can honestly say that Olivia has produced as good a nightshow
debut as you are ever likely to see! Plenty of tease to start off with then down to business with boundless
energy vigour and sexiness......Bravo!!!! 

Chef 34 said: WOW That was a Nice Suprise to See Olivia On a Full Night show and what a Show it was,Full Of Energy and Enthusiasim,Some Nice Teasing to Start with then her Lovely Boobs came out Which look Fantastic as does the rest of her Sexy Body,She Seemed to take to Nights so Easily and Looked Like a Natural Night Performer Possibly the best Night Debut i have Seen,Hopefully More of the Same Soon.

He was so impressed with Olivi that he commented on her second show, the night after:

Very Good Performance From Olivia Last Night as She Carried on From Thursday,Nice Sexy Outfit showing of her Lovely Shaped Boobs and Gorgeous Bum Which IMO is her Best Asset,Some Nice Sexy Movement and very Saucy Facial Expressions and she was Great On the Phones,More of the same soon please Olivia.

More comments on Olivia Berzinc’s Red Light Central debut:

4evadionne said: Wonderful to see beautiful sexy Olivia on her first night stint and she certainly did'nt dissapoint, she took to it like a duck to water, giving a show full of zest and vigour, great positions and horny tease, Olivia was fantastic and as night debuts go, you'd be hard pressed to find a better one than that. Tongue

And long time Babeshow fan and fourm contributor, Rammy Rascal said:

Very good night debut from olivia. she had hinted at doing nights but never said definately when or if she would do it so it was a fantastic surprise to see her on last night.thought she did very well last night. looked great in her playboy bunny outfit and showed no nerves whatsoever. couldnt tell it was her debut on nights. she was comfortable on the phone and was moving aroung well, making the most of her leggy figure. what was also nice was that olivia didnt drag out going topless unlike other day babes that made their night debuts. olivia did a little tease then went topless hope olivia does regular nightshows, has the potential to be a very good night babe.

Olivia continued to appear across all the major babe channels on and off for a number of years until she took a longer break of around 2 year towards the end of the twenty tens.

After a two-year break, she has made a comeback to the screens of the Babestation babe channel. While she continues to do pervcam shows alongside her friends Preeti and Priya, you can also join Olivia for an explicit world cam or Babestation cam show where she ensures a pleasurable and satisfying experience.

Olivia Berzinc Mayfair Model

Captivating beauty Olivia Berzinc from Derby and is a testament to the town's diverse offerings beyond just scones or hats. While she has previously worked on provocative TV channels and even appeared on a BBC3 show featuring webcam girls, she has now stepped up to the big leagues. Isn't she absolutely delightful?!  Olivia has appeared in no less than three Paul Raymond publications including Best Of Mayfair Issue 60, Mayfair Volum 52 Issue 12 and Mayfair Volume 55 Issue 9.  Each edition features Olivia doing what she does best, slow, sensual stripteases out of her signature style of lingerie, stockings and suspenders.

Olivia Berzinc TV Presenter

Olivia is UK born Caucasian, Jamaican and Ukrainian mix. A model and TV presenter. After 23 years modelling on and off and being a full time model for the past 11 years she is beginning to get into more presenting and acting. Her first year persuing this was a huge success becoming the main TV presenter for Apple TV and Vimeos Iconic Rides car show. Such a success that Olivia will be returning for the second season of the popular car show.  Here’s a message see sent out the Iconic Rides fans over Facebook back in 2021:

“I am sooo pleased to finally be filming series 2 of Iconic Rides TV today was personally one of my favourite days filming for the show. An emotional day having a crowd of tens of thousands of people cheer, clap and wave at you whilst you parade and drift around an arena I can’t wait to show you all my drifting skills from the drone POV aswell as going in a monster truck check out series 1 on Apple TV Vimeo or www.iconic-rides.co.uk


Keep an eye out for Olivia Berzinc naked, appearing on pervcam and Babestation Cams in her live solo shows and appearing with her friends Priya, Preeti, Alice as well as her Olivia Berzinc videos like this one of Olivia, Sophie and Priya playing speak out.

Olivia Berzinc Babestation babe laying on floral chair wearing yellow lingerie
Babestation brunette webcam babe Olivia Berzinc lays in pink lingerie by the side of a swimming pool
Babestation babe Olivia Berzinc poses in an elevator wearing shiny copper underwear
Olivia Berzinc wears yellow lingerie and high heels showing her big ass to camera at Babestation
Olivia Berzinc Babestation babe lays full body out on wooden table wearing red lingerie, stockings and heels