Priya Young Domination Fetish Show

Priya Young is simply one of the biggest, best and sexiest Babestation stars. Alongside her twin sister Preeti Young, she has dominated the Babestation schedules for years. Now she wants to dominate you! In this video we see Priya in her best dominatrix role, giving out orders to all of her followers. Firstly we see her dressed all in black, big boobs out, and giving orders…

Priya Young in a black bodysuit with boob cutout

She continues to tell her followers what they should do for her, she is in no mood for anything but compliance!

Priya Young giving orders

If it is domination you want, then Priya is in the mood to give it to you. There is no room for any argument. Just give her what she wants!

Priya Young on bed with boobs out

Priya is in a very dominant mood in this video, and you can see her full instructions by joining Babestation VIP right now!