Hannah Shaw - That Gentle Touch

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about 1 month ago

You know what? With a lot of British porn these days, it's all about rough fucking and domination. If a babe ain't being thrown around then it just doesn't make the cut. Dogging, swinging, BDSM, whips, bondage, ect... There's always a gimmick. But sometimes you just wanna watch a girl get fucked right. Jack Black once wrote a song called 'Fuck Her Gently'. But the message has been lost over the years. Well, we're bringing it back with this passionate clip with Hannah Shaw. We see this slender, small titty British pornstar get her pussy filled up in some intimate love makin'. Full view of Hannah Shaw nude, her big ass getting gripped as that massive cock slides in and out of her. Watch the full video for the perfect cumshot as her carpet gets painted white. Or get into the VIP Members Area to see more of the petite babe, especially if you like your content being a bit rougher.

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