Yuffie Yulan Fucks The Dirty Cleaner

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Hot brunette Yuffie Yulan walks into the room looking for the casting director. What do you do? Tell her to wait till the guy shows up? That's what The Dirty Cleaner does, that's for sure! He plays the role and fucks the babe, whilst making a few bucks in the process. With huge tits and a big ass, the young Yuffie Yulan is desperate for a career where she can follow her love of gagging on cock and receiving facials, so a future in porn is perfect for her! The challenge is, the British porn industry is pretty cutthroat, we don't just let anybody walk in off the street and start making videos! So, Yuffie has to perform, and she really does. After a little apprehension, she gets straight down to her knees and starts deepthroating The Dirty Cleaners cock. Soon she's getting her shaved pussy filled up with a BBC. The Dirty Cleaner pumps the pussy as Yuffie's bent over the table before he starts fucking her on the floor. Climaxing in a creampie, this is a must watch addition to the VIP Members Area!

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