Sexercise! (ft. Roxi Keogh & Jennifer James)

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Hot babes Roxi Keogh and Anna Belle are still trying to work off that Christmas dinner, trying to get to that slender summer body. And wow, they know how to work up a sweat! Using their 'massage' toy to work out some of the kinks in their muscles, the two MILFs get so hot and bothered that they have to strip out of their gym wear. This is when we get a sight of Anna Belle's big ass, with it jiggling as they work out. It's not long until they're both stretching on the floor, big tits on show as they reach for their bare feet, showing all. Roxi Keogh pussy out for all to see! And that's when the naughtiness happens. Unhappy with the intensity of their workout, they decide to kick it up a level, with Roxi using a dildo to fuck the pussy of BBW babe Anna Belle over a gym ball, before she returns the favour. Watch the full video for the complete lesbian sexercise experience!

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