Boudoir Babes (ft. Cynthia Vellons & Kristi Klenot)

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about 2 months ago

If you had the sexy babe Cynthia Vellons roleplaying a maid, bending over in front of you to dust the side, there's no way you could control yourself. The beautiful blonde with her perky ass popping out of the skirt is an undeniably wonderful sight. And what's she going to do, the MILF has mouths to feed, she's submissive to your dominant hand in every way. She would never say no. It's all about the implication. So when Kristi Klenot tells Cynthia to clean her pussy, it's really obvious what's going to happen next. Cynthia ends up eating pussy in some Eastern European Sex Kamerki Girl-Girl action. She does such a good job that Kristi rewards her by returning the favour. Better than a payrise if you ask me! Kristi devours her seafood buffet, leaving the plate clean and the las satisfied. The small titty babe is satisfied as Kristi, with her big tits out and landing strip on show, sits there, pleased with Cynthia's work.

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