Natasha Marley & Cate Harrington - Blushing Barmaids

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Sexy blonde babe Natasha Marley roleplays the hot barmaid as her friend, the slender brunette, Cate Harrington, comes to her for condolences for a bad date. And condolences are given as the two quickly strip each other down to nothing. Get straight down to the lesbian action, the two hot babes get naughty in the bar, with Natasha going down on Cates shaved pussy. Natasha is a beautiful British pornstar known for getting creampied and receiving facials, with a petite body and big tits, she became very popular, but she is known for having girl-girl fun on occasion. So, if you have a barmaid fantasy, wishing the person that pours your whisky would also suck your dick, then this is the clip for you. Get into the VIP Members Area for the full clip, and find another clip of Natasha Marley, getting fucked on a table in a sex shop.

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