Option 1 Podcast - E05 - Preeti Young

about 1 year ago
Another week means another episode of our new Option 1 Podcast, where we sit down with one of the performers from the live babeshows and dive deeper into their lives, from inside and out of the Babestation TV studio! This time it's the turn of babe channels legend, Preeti Young, who has been with Babestation for over 10 years, with short stints on other shows like Red Light Central & Studio 66 in between. In this episode, you'll hear about Preeti Young's early life and beginnings within her career path, all while they pair of them get through some food and wine. They discuss the Channel 5 documentary made about her and her twin sister Priya's lives, "My Mum's Hotter Than You", as well as Kanye, Preeti Indian & Irish heritage, what it's like getting recognised and online trolling. If you enjoy the Option 1 podcast, please subscribe/review on YouTube & Spotify, thank you!

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