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2 months ago

Beatrix is a sexy housewife. The only way she can really get excited anymore is by getting fucked by strangers in public toilets. Whenever she sees a glory hole, she just has to press her tight little pussy against it, already fingering herself, just waiting for the next cock to come through. There's nothing quite like anonymous sex, but with the recent innovations in dating sites, i.e., Tinder, Bumble and Hinge, anonymous sex has become so streamlined that the need for the glory hole has lessened over the years. Which is a damn shame if you ask me. Especially if the like of Beatrix is hiding behind them in her naughty nurse outfit, ready to rid of any aliment you may have, by licking, sucking and rubbing your cock so good that you forget about it. Damn, might make my way to the closest public toilet right now! Goodbye for now. Read about how the gloryhole has made a recent resurgence in our blog post; Looks like the glory hole is making a comeback thanks to coronavirus!

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