While this news has come directly from the the New York City health authority, I should imagine there’s going to be similar rules on this side of the pond and lovers of kinky sex will be mighty pleased.

With the pandemic still well and truly in session, the New York City health authority released a statement outlining some of their “harm reduction strategies” for those wanting to still bang during the outbreak, and their suggestions definitely raised a few eyebrows.

Pandemic Sex

First off they said “Make it a little kinky,” and suggested people try and “be creative with sexual positions and physical barriers, like walls, that allow sexual contact while preventing close face to face contact.” Sooooo, I took that to mean glory hole, and it seems I’m not the only one. Just check out these Twitter responses:

Safe Sex Covid Sex

They also said that whether it’s “your thing” or not, you should be wearing a mask during sex as it will “add a layer of protection” from the virus. Kissing and oral sex is also a big no no, with the health authority stressing that spit, jizz and all the other fun fluids can easily transmit the virus.

The city also said that people who want to partake in group sex and orgies should do it in “larger open well-ventilated spaces” which I’m pretty sure is considered public indecency but hey ho. Why don’t we just wrap ourselves up in cling film and be done with it. Just think of all that ball sweat collecting in your kinky cling film suit. Mmmm!!!

Wrapped Up

If you’re still not willing to risk the Rona for some glory hole fun and clinical sex then you can always just have some solo fun on your lonesome, because apparently “masturbation will not spread Covid-19.” Well that’s good to hear. Looks like the best option is to head to Babestation and have a Tommy Tank with one of our babes!