The Babestation Show - What's In The Box Halloween Special! (Dollie & Shinade)

29 days ago

In this clip from the recent Halloween-themed episode of The Babestation Show, we're getting the girls' hands dirty yet again! Join Dollie Blue and Shinade Star as they reach in elbow deep and guess 'What's In The Box?'. Along the way they also share their personal fears, favorite Halloween experiences, and thoughts on various horror films! Hear from Dollie Blue about her family history of belief in the supernatural, as well her own fascination with ghosts. Each year, for Halloween, we celebrate with bit of Cosplay dress-up in the Babestation studio - everyone in studio, from the live webcam sex babes to the producers get dolled up as sexy superheroes and Halloween harlets. Maybe you caught a Pervcam show from one of the girls in character over the weekend! We also shot a load of new video content for Cosplay week, which you can watch with Babestation VIP.

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