The Babestation Show - Quiplash with Dollie, Kartel & Shinade

12 days ago

Here's another clip from a recent episode of The Babestation Show and it's time for a bit of Quiplash with Mr P, the host introduces a game called Quiplash. If you've never heard of Quiplash, it's a bit similar to Cards Against Humanity - the idea is to think of a funny response to a certain prompt and enter it into your phone, then others can join the game and judge the best answer. The girls on the sofa this time are Shinade Star, Dollie Blue & Kartel Kay, as the compete to find the funniest replies. As always with this show, expect laughs and bantz as they all get to grips with the game! Then, once you've watch this, why not check out our nude videos of Shinade Star & Kartel Kay in the Babestation VIP Members Area?

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