The Babestation Show - Maxie & Zeena - Shag, Marry, Kill

about 2 months ago

In this next clip from a recent episode of The Babestation Show, we have beautiful live babeshows babes Zeena Valvona & Maxie Rhoads enjoying a playful game of "Shag, Marry, Kill". If you don't know the game, it's where the girls get shown a series of three pictures and they have to decide how to label each one, would they shag, marry or kill that person. I've always felt the 'kill' part was a bit out of place in this game. Would you have sex with the person? Would you go as far as marrying them? Or would you prefer to turn into a murderous animal and end that persons existence?? It really escalates quickly. Anyway, it's a funny video. Check out our new Zeena Valvona nude and sex toy video content in our Babestation VIP Area!

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