Babestation are celebrating their tenth year soon and we’d like to ask all you Babestation fans out there to do us a favour.

We are going to be having our very own awards ceremony and we’d like to get votes in for the Babestation girl of the decade.  That’s the whole ten years of Babestation folks!  Don’t worry, our blogger will be there to get all the details and they’ll be plenty of pictures.

Get your thinking caps on and cast your mind back to when you first got your first glimpses of late night titties on the telly and decided to give us a call!  Then try if you can to remember all your favourite Babestation girls over the years.

All you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post, you don’t have to use a real name or email address; just make something up.

We’re looking for Babe names more than anything, so get voting!

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