We always bring you the best of the best, and tonight is no exception.  On tonight’s Babestation Apprentice we have Graduate Candy the gorgeous Madison and the 1st appearance from the beautiful May Tyler!

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Candy is going to make a big impression on the adult industry, whether she chooses to or not!  Just her interests and kinks are enough to give you a hard-on.  She’s into dressing up, rubber and water sports (not sure which type we’re talking about here though!)  Perhaps you should ask her a little more about it tonight on the show.  I know she’ll be pleased to chat with you.

Free Babestation pic
Madison on Babestation Apprentice tonight!

Madison Jackson (above) is the submissive type, so if you’re a phone sex bully get on the blower tonight and tell her what to do.  You know the type of thing:

“get on your knees you filthy whore whilst I fuck your face!”

That sort of malarkey!

Being a dancer and a natural extrovert, Madison is an expert in tease, and even though she’s a graduate on Babestation Apprentice, she has more than enough experience to satisfy you lot out there.  Cocks at the ready!

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May Tyler Début tonight!

And finally, the one you’ve been waiting for.  She needs breaking in tonight boys so get on the phone and chat to the new arrival May Tyler!  She’s very excited to be part of the team and she’s selecting her underwear for tonight as we speak!  She’s keen considering I’m writing this at three in the afternoon for Christ’s sake!  Seriously though, I’ve had the pleasure of hearing her talk dirty on the phone before and it’s not to be missed guys; try her out!

You can follow Candy on Twitter

You can follow Madison on Twitter

I strongly advise you to follow these girls on Twitter because they spend all their time tweeting half naked and naked pictures (along with pictures of their lunch and the odd pair of shoes here and there, but if you can put up with that then there’s wanking to be done!)

If you do decide to give these girls a call tonight, please come back to the blog tomorrow and tell us what you thought of your chat… We’re always keen to hear a little feedback and you don’t always have to go on the forums to rant about it!