This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield couldn’t believe their ears during yesterday’s segment when an 80-year-old woman revealed some rather intimate details about her sex life with her toyboy lover.

Iris Jones

Iris Jones and her 35-year-old lover Mohamed Ahmed Irbriham hit the headlines due to their huge age gap and the fact that Iris is a proper horny old bird and loves a good rogering. When asked about the pairs ‘first night’, Iris couldn’t wait to spill the beans:

It was pretty rough. We used a whole tube of KY Jelly. The thing is, I couldn’t walk the next day. I felt as if I’d been riding a horse. Saddle-sore wasn’t even it. Anyway, we got over it.

Holly and Phil couldn’t quite believe what they were hearing and were seen trying to stifle their laughter. Also, I know your pussy gets dry when you’re over 50 but an entire tube of lube??!?! That must’ve been like the Sahara!

Iris and Mohamed apparently met on Facebook after he added her as a friend and slid into her DM’s. I suppose you’d wonder why a young & relatively attractive dude wants to bang an old woman but it turns out Iris is pretty wealthy so there’s that. After a few flirty exchanges between the pair Iris flew to Cairo to meet Mohamed and they’ve been loved up ever since. Mohamed currently still lives in Egypt but Iris plans to fly back soon to MARRY HIM!!! Then they can live happily ever after – with all her wealth & a new passport!

Despite many people doubting the validity of the relationship, Iris insists that her toyboy lover Mohamed is totally besotted with her and definitely ISN’T after her money. Hmm, if you say so…

Toyboy Lover

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