The A-Bomb is back! Yes Amanda Rendall is once again making our screens (among other things) explode on Babestation. This super-fit, 4ft 11inch package is one of the most engaging glamour models to be on our shows and definitely a favourite with the viewers. At under 5ft, she certainly packs a punch with her long hair and smouldering hazel eyes and as for those 32D boobs – well they are as natural and immensely touchable as any breasts could be.

Ever since Amanda first presented on Babestation 12 years ago, her modelling career has grown enormously and her fantastic displays of talent are testament to her many strengths on and off the screen. She is often referred to as being very athletic and that’s because she is! Her legendary back-flips really took viewers by surprise and she often gets requests to perform the ‘crab’ whilst on the show… and if you have ever seen her pole dancing – well let’s just say I’m positive it managed to get you a bit fire up! Imagine that lithe, toned figure wrapping itself around the pole and visuals from every angle you can think of (and a few more to boot).

One thing her fans really love about Amanda Rendall is her dedication to her fans and keeping them happy, she’s quite infamous in the industry for pushing the boundaries of what’s allowed on babe TV on a few occasions! Amanda truly believes in giving the viewers what she thinks they deserve and she never disappoints! She manages to communicate with the audience in a very natural and often funny way and is an expert in chatting the viewers up whilst she is on the mic presenting the show!

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Amanda Rendall will officially be coming into our TV schedules on both nights and our Babestation Daytime show from July 1st, so look out for her! You can watch all the shows online on the official Babestation website.

Find more amazing pictures and videos of Amanda Rendall on the official Babestation website!