So what’s all this about racism and bananas?

Well, let us tell you a little about it and allow our girls to demonstrate in the only way they know how!

You might have heard about it already, but in case you haven’t, the whole thing came about after Barcelona footballer Dani Alves took a stand against a racist taunt whilst taking a corner at Sunday’s match in Villarreal.  A rather stupid spectator tossed a banana at Alves, and rather than ignoring the issue, this charming young football star picked up the banana, peeled it and proceeded to take a bite!

Making this sort of stand against racism is simply wonderful.  There’s no anger involved or aggressive retaliation.  Doing what Alves did simply makes the person who tossed the banana look very stupid indeed; and in our minds the more we laugh at racists and make them feel stupid (as they so clearly are) the more people will join in and we will eventually see an end to this prehistoric hatred.

Vicki Narni
Vicki Narni says no to racism

This has been the case already, and since the incident a whole army of sporting celebrities have joined in the new campaign Say No to Racism.  The banana has become the icon for the campaign and you’re likely to see it all over the social networks.

So, in honour of Dani Alves and Say No to Racism, our girls have decided to get involved and we’re going to present you with a different girl every day for the next few days!

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