The UK’s number one Babe Channel is in the news again this week…

That’s right, more controversy of course; and we do so love freedom of the press etc etc! You may have already seen it of course, but if you haven’t we’ll give you a little introduction before you go and look at the article yourself. We must emphasise the fact that it’s in the Irish Mirror to start with, so you might not want to take everything you read as gospel!

It concerns the wonderfully sexy Roxanna Jeffers and her fling with footballer Ashley Cole. Funny that, the way she looks just like Cheryl!  Apparently she’s recently hooked up with Ashley and she’s been behaving very badly indeed.  What interests us is that The Mirror claim that she gave them this interview whilst she was getting ready for a shift at Babestation… (hmmmmm, we’re not too sure about that!)

Babestation in the news!
Babestation in the news!

We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that Roxanne doesn’t actually work at Babestation, she’s been here once or twice and that’s it really.  She made the dreadful mistake of going off to another channel (whose name shall not be mentioned LOL!)  However, it’s interesting that The Mirror chooses to mention us, and for that we’re very pleased.  We are clearly the brand when it comes to babe channels!

If you’d like to read the whole article then go along to the The Irish Mirror website and have look; don’t worry, the reading age is only about 8 years old!

Babestation – Making the news again!