Here’s the weekend for you…

Well it’s a great night lined up on Babestation of course (as always!), including: Lori, Preeti, Tori-Lee, Paige Turnah and Reede Fox; and possibly Jada.  So there won’t be any shortage of wank fodder available to you when you come home from the pub; if indeed you even bother to go to the pub.  I know that’s enough to keep me indoors all night!

Paige Turnah
Paige Turnah

On Saturday we’ve got: Lolly, Brookie, Cali Garcia, Jada, Reede and Paige all scheduled to appear, so that’s another great one.  And on Sunday you’ll hopefully get to see Louise and Georgie too!  That’s got to be worth it until the Unleashed show starts of course!

Unleashed Sunday

Chantelle Fox on Sunday
Chantelle Fox on Unleashed this weekend

Unleashed on Sunday promises to be pretty damn good too.  For one whole hour you’ll get to see the UK porn sensation Chantelle Fox getting really dirty in a full on hardcore session with UK porn legend Marc Rose.  These two can’t wait to get at each other, so look out for this one if you’re a member of Babestation.  Remember that it’s online so you won’t be able to see this hardcore action on the telly.  If you’re not a member of Babestation then you can get a trial membership for just £1.50 to watch the show.  This membership lasts for two days and you’ll also get full access to our website for the duration!

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