We like to give you a little bit of everything on this blog, and today we have something very special for you…

You probably read the post the other day about our New Zealand lovely Beth, but here’s a little something extra.  After I interviewed her, I couldn’t stop thinking about how nice her voice was.  It haunted me all the way home on the train so I decided to share a little of it with you.  I record the Babestation girls you see, and then transcribe the interviews later on.

Babestation's Beth
Beth in the Green Room at BabestationTV

Here’s Beth telling me a little about the type of callers she loves to speak to and also about the kind of men she tends to go for in her personal life.  This is one hell of a woman guys.

Click the link and have a listen

Beth from Babestation talking about men!

Doesn’t she have a lovely voice?  If you haven’t called her up on the phone yet, just wait until you hear her talking dirty to you!  Now that’s worth doing!

Babestation – Bringing you behind the scenes extras!


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