Born and raised in Dunedin, on the South Island of New Zealand.  Beth Bennet graduated from the University of Otago with not one but two degrees! One Bachelor of Arts and one Bachelor of Commerce.  In 2012 she decided to make the 11,426 mile trip to the U.K. “New Zealand felt quite isolated.  England was a great jump off point to travel to other European countries from.  It was also relatively easy to get a work permit.”  In that same year, during one of her nights off from working in a bar in Oxfordshire, Beth saw Babestation on TV and noticed a promotion for Babestation Apprentice, “I saw the advert and thought, I can do that!”  So she applied and within a short time she was on screen for her first ever night.

“My first night didn’t feel as nerve racking as some people might think.  You’re in a small room, (or at least it was back then) with a camera and a handful of people in the studio.  It was easy to forget how many people were actually watching.”  If you remember Beth’s show or if you ever get the chance to see that footage, you’ll know that Beth took to the show like a duck to water and has been a consistently popular performer ever since.  Coming out as one of the most successful and longest standing graduates of the Babestation Apprentice program, she affectionately known as Babestation Beth.

Since those early days on Babestation Apprentice the shows have gone through several big changes, including appearing in adverts for Jerkmate on Pornhub. The biggest of which is the steady rise in popularity of Pervcam and the growing webcam based shows that Babestation puts out on a daily and nightly basis; “There was no Pervcam to begin with, purely calls but i like Pervcam as not everyone is confident in talking so they can get involved in different ways.  But then I have some people who still call me from back in the day so it shows that some people never change.”  For Beth Bennet who took to the nature of the shows so easily, even she has been taken aback by some of the callers she has encountered over the years.  Her approach to the job has developed over time to understand her audience better, “I learnt a lot about people’s fetishes.  I’m now a lot more open to every possibility, about what someone is calling about and why.”

It’s been many years since Beth Bennet first started at Babestation but whenever she sees a newcomer come in she is always ready with some sage advice to help them get started in the industry, “Start off slowly with what you do and be set with your limits because the internet is forever.” And finally, a word to all her fans, “Thanks for watching, thanks for calling, i really appreciate you sharing your stories and kinks and fantasies with me.”

I think i speak for us all when i say thank you Beth and here’s to many more years on our screens!