The following blog about Bikini Babes appearing on Freeview channel 20 comes from the incredibly in-depth Tumblr account of babe_tv who’s archive of blogs is sadly no longer available to view.  However, we have a selection of them and we are going to continue posting them here and on the Babestationcams blog so you can read them and enjoy a nostalgic look back at the old days of Babestation.

One of the rarest babeshows on Freeview (well, of the shows that have actually been scheduled and not just appeared due to feed errors, that is), must surely have been this highly unusual broadcast from the early hours of Monday 25th October 2010, featuring Paige Tyler. Everything looks pretty standard until you notice the channel the show is going out on (see the pic below). This episode of Bikini Babes actually screened on Channel One, which transmitted on Freeview 20 and was formerly Virgin 1, until acquired and rebranded by Sky in mid 2010.

The broadcast lasted one hour, from midnight until 1am, and it was announced in advance with the title of Bikini Chat – not Bikini Babes. The plan, it appeared, was for a run of shows – two per week, on Saturday and Sunday nights. In fact, this should have been the second show rather than the first, as the initial intention had been to broadcast the programme the previous night. However, only one of the planned broadcasts ever went to air, so the whole project resulted in just one hour of TV.

Paige Tyler Bikini Babes

Despite the night time transmission slot, the programme was restricted to day show content only due to the channel it aired on. Adult channels were separated from the regular Freeview channels in the EPG at the end of September 2009, so by 2010, anything going out on a low-numbered channel would automatically be subject to different rules – regardless of the broadcast time. Logistics, however, meant Cellcast taking a model from the Babestation night shows rather than bringing in a dedicated daytime girl. Paige, of course, had been both, so she was an ideal choice.

Various suggestions were made as to why this Bikini Babes night show never took off, but given the demise of Party People the previous year (another daytime babeshow screened at night), it was a fairly safe bet that a non-sexual babeshow would struggle commercially against the Babestation channels.

A really interesting piece of trivia though. The one and only Bikini Babes night show, starring Paige Tyler. And I think I’m right in saying that this was the lowest-numbered Freeview channel ever to have carried a babeshow, with Channel 32 being the lowest to have carried a topless babeshow.

If you’re a fan of Paige Tyler, check out some of her hottest appearances by following this link

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