Brand new Babestation behind the scenes content onsite now!

We’ve been having a wonderful time since we’ve been using another studio and the girls have been very happy indeed.  Just look at all the room they’ve got to get ready!  All the bright lights, help with their hair and makeup etc; they’re all being spoiled rotten right?

Behind the scenes Babestation
Behind the scenes Babestation

Well, whether you think our girls deserve it or not, in this video you’ll get to see some of the finest and most popular Babestation girls all getting ready for their shift on the show.  You’ll get to see just how much fun it can be for them, and we’ll be giving you this behind the scenes content as often as we can.  I don’t think it will be too difficult to find one of the producers to go wandering around the green room do you?

Get yourself over to Babestation and sign up for a trial membership.  It’s only £1.50 for two days and you’ll get all this content along with everything else on the website!  That’s not all of course, if there are any live shows scheduled for the days you’re on trial you’ll get those too!

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