Jada is on screen tomorrow night guys and she’s ready for action…

We’re naming Jada our Babe of the Week, not simply because she’s gorgeous, but because she’s been such a member of our Babestation community, for such a long time, she deserves recognition!

Jada - Babe of the Week
Jada – Babe of the Week

And who could fail to recognise Jada?  It makes me wonder just how she manages to do her shopping in the supermarket these days being so characteristically recognisable.  It’s that slender, petite body, that mysterious and exotic look, and that beautiful brunette hair.

We’ve posted a couple of her classic pictures here, but if you want more you can get all the Jada content you can handle on the website right now (remember you can become a trial member for two days for just £1.50)

Tell us what it is about Jada that does it for you?  Her perfect little arse?  Her wonderfully pert titties?  There’s so much to choose from we know, but please do your best. Try Asian sex dating to inject a bit of sparkle into your dating life.

You can catch Jada on the show tomorrow night (Thursday) at around 10pm I think; well that’s the schedule anyway!


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