Brookie Little is on the show tonight guys, but we’re here to tell you that she’s on Babestation X tomorrow too!

That’s right, the girl next door is back doing the dirty on Babestation X, and you all know how dirty Brookie can get right?  Well if you don’t, get yourself signed up on Wednesday night to see the first half an hour of the harder show, available online only!  This is before it gets switched to Freeview 174 later on.

Brookie Little
Brookie Little on tonight and Babestation X tomorrow!

Brookie loves to get filthy on the phones, as you probably already know, and she really does prefer the guys that really get into it, so please don’t be shy when you call her up.  She’s not wearing that little on screen for no reason you know!?

Brookie Little – On Babestation tonight and Babestation X tomorrow!