Tonight on Babestation you can expect to see the wonderful Brookie Little…

Brookie has been very popular ever since she arrived on the show.  She’s proved herself to be a real “goer” too, as you can see from this picture!  This is a screen grab from one of her Babestation X live shows…

Brookie did her first live Babestation X show last year, on her birthday believe it or not.  That tells you the type of girl we’re dealing with here right?  The type of Babestation girl that wants to spend her birthday with her fans, getting them off all night long is the type of girl that you want to come home to at the end of the day right?  Imagine having Brookie Little as your girlfriend!

Brookie Little

Brookie Little live show recording

If you’re a major Brookie fan then you’ll be interested to know that her live shows have been recorded and are available to view on the Babestation website right now.  You can sign up with Babestation for just £1.50 for two days access to the website; and if you do that today you’ll also get the two Babestation X live shows in the deal!

Babestation – sign up today for exclusive Brookie Little content and two live shows

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