This months BSX lineup is looking to be a right blinder – X-rated shows, live girl-girl performances and solo specials from all your favourite babes. Get yourself a daily dose of the hottest content the adult industry has to offer. Only the best and filthiest shows will do!

Fri 8th – Karina solo

Sat 9th – Dani Maye & Sam Bentley girl-girl

Sun 10th – Atlanta solo

Mon 11th – Beth solo

Tues 12th – Lynda solo

Wed 13th – Selection of filthy scenes

Thur 14th – Scarlett solo

Fri 15th – Scarlett & Lynda girl-girl

Sat 16th – Alyssa & Sam Bentley girl-girl

Sun 17th – Kiki solo

Mon 18th – Beth solo

Tue 19th – Lynda solo

Wed 20th – Selection of filthy scenes

Thur 21st – Jess Lloyd solo

Fri 22nd – Scarlett solo

Sat 23rd – Beth & Carmel girl-girl

Sun 24th – Kayleigh solo

Mon 25th – Jess Lloyd solo

Tue 26th – Lori solo

Wed 27th – Selection of filthy scenes

Thur 28th – Scarlett solo

Fri 29th – Sapphire

Sat 30th – Brooke & Chloe girl-girl

That’s just too much tits and ass, said no man EVER!!! That’s June’s plans sorted!

In other news, Babestation has landed a prime spot in mainstream media after Chris Moyles gave us a huge mention during his Radio X segment, The Chris Moyles Show. It’s a well-known fact that Chris’s fellow host Dominic Byrne is a huge Babestation fan, so the guys at Radio X thought they’d troll Dom extra hard with some hilarious billboards placed around the country. The billboards took the piss out Dom’s egg-shaped head and delved into his toilet habits, but the best by far was a giant billboard with the caption that simply read: “Dominic Byrne Loves Babestation”. Genius!

We don’t blame you Dom! You’re a man of fine taste. Give us a shout and we’d be more than happy to take you and Chris on a tour of the studio!