Sonya Diamond is a saucy & flirty brunette babe with endless curves and an ass that won’t quit. She is open minded, energetic and loves to meet new people, which makes her a real breath of fresh air. She loves getting to know all of her callers’ on a personal level and aims to deliver a unique sexual experience, tailored to your individual kinks and fantasies!

What’s your favourite thing about being a cam girl?
I love getting to know new people & exploring new things in the bedroom. Being on cam has really opened me up sexually

What has been your previous experience in the industry?
I’ve appeared in a few page 3 spreads but my experience had mainly been webcam

Favourite sexual position?
Doggy if I’m in the mood for a good hard pounding but I want something a bit more sensual, I’ll choose missionary

Do you use toys on cam?
Oh yes! I love my 7-inch life-like dildo and my jewelled butt-plug

What do you look for in a guy?
Manners, wit and smiley eyes

What turns you on?
Being watched – whether it’s wanking or fucking! I just love an audience

What would you say are your three best features?
I have way more than three lol, but if I must pick Just three I’d say my eyes, smile and curvy bum

Do you like to role play?
I love to act so role play is one of my specialties – I can be a naughty girl-next-door, innocent college girl or slutty party girl. I can even be a bossy dominatrix if that’s what you’re into!

Do you prefer sex in the morning or at night?
I love being fucked in the morning. It’s way better than coffee for starting my day right!

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?
I once fingered my friend in the changing room at Topshop lol

Have you ever experimented with girls?
I think I just answered that question above lol. I really do enjoy the sensuality of a woman so if I get the chance to sleep with one I will

What would you say to entice a new viewer to call you?
I’m fun, bubbly and have been told I’m a bit of a pervert. What more could you ask for?! Let’s explore or kinky pervy side together!

A message from Sonya: I am a naughty girl ready to make your fantasies come true. Just say your fantasy and it will be my pleasure to make it a reality so come and chat with me! Lot of kisses xxxx

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