Some of you may have seen or heard this, but there’s some hilarious Babestation related laughs coming out of the Radio X studio today, with Chris Moyles! You can watch the video in full here:

It seems Chris Moyles has figured out how to change certain things on people’s digital radio’s, which he has been putting to good use in the last two days. Yesterday, he managed to send a message out to everyone’s radio saying, “Dom’s an idiot”. Today he’s taken it up a notch further; everyone received a picture of Dominic Burn, with the tag line “Dom Loves Babestation” alongside it!

We particularly like how Dom goes on the defensive, saying he hasn’t seen Babestation, “if ever..”. That sounds a little conspicuous to us, Dom. Everyone’s seen Babestation!

Later in the video, he falls into another of Chris Moyles’ little traps, being made to say out loud, “I Dominic Burn love my children, and I don’t watch Babestation.”. This, of course, gets chopped up by the sound wizards at Radio X to drop him in it even further.

“I, Dominic Burn, love Babestation.” – It’s OK, Dom, you’re not alone!

With friends like Chris Moyles, eh? Also, Dominic, we’d be happy to send you some free content or something, or maybe even some signed photos of your favourite babes? Just let us know which ones you like 😉

Speaking of our babes, don’t forget to check them all out on the Official Babestation TV website!


  1. Babestation is also mentioned in an episode of BBC’s “Josh”. One of the characters has series-linked it as an “honest mistake”, and his friends tell him it’s not a series so he doesn’t need to.

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