Daisy Dash is back tonight on Babestation…

She’s here and she’s ready to get her lovely pert titties out just for you.  We never expected Daisy to become such a permanent fixture at Babestation to be honest (not for any real reason), but she has generated such a massive fanbase it’s really quite astounding.  I wonder what it is about her?  Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.

Babestation Daisy Dash
Daisy Dash

Personally for me it’s her tits and her lovely tight little ass!  An ass like that is pretty rare these days, unless you work on Babestation of course!  Even then it takes a lot of work in the gym to keep it that tight…

That and her lovely eyes, gorgeous dirty blonde hair, and her filthy mouth of course!  Have you ever spoken to Daisy Dash on the phone?  Sheeeeez!

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