Disclaimer: This fantasy fiction story based on Dani O’Neal has been submitted by a fan and has no connection to the babe.

Heading up to Notting Hill Carnival with my mates I could feel the excitement in the air. Hoards of sexy women surrounded me, dressed in revealing outfits that showed off their hot bodies. I stood there for a moment taking it all in and I saw a group of friends twerking and shaking their tits as they danced along with the music. One girl in particular stood out among the crowd and I immediately recognised her as glamour model and British phone sex queen, Dani O’Neal

I was already three beers in so I was feeling brave enough to go and ask her for a pic. As I tapped her on the shoulder she spun around and looked me straight in the eye and gave me a sexy smirk. “I’m a big fan of yours and I’d love a picture with you”, I asked sheepishly. Dani pulled me in close and plunged her hand into my pocket to find my phone so she could take a selfie of us. I was taken aback at how friendly and dominating she was and as she fumbled around in my front pocket, I could feel her edging towards my cock. “There it is”, she says cheekily, and pulls out my phone. She kisses me on the cheek and snaps a few selfies of us together. “I hope that’s ok”, she says, and carries on dancing with her friends. An hour or so later my mates and I are getting the drinks in at a local pub when Dani O’Neal walks in with her mates. She clocks me and comes straight over. “Fancy seeing you here”, she says jokingly, as she pulls me in for a kiss. I’m shocked as she slips her tongue into my mouth and starts making out with me as her friends all cheer her on. I could tell she was being wild and playing up for her mates and I was loving every minute of it. Dani then places her hand on my cock right in the middle of the crowded pub. No one seems to be paying attention as she slides her hand inside my trousers and starts wanking me off. I close my eyes to block out the noise of everyone around us. I then hear Dani whisper in my ear: “meet me in the toilet” and she disappears. I try my best to hide my erect cock and I hurry to the toilets to find Dani O’Neal. She’s waiting on her knees as a push open the cubicle door and she aggressively grabs my cock and starts sucking it. There’s spit everywhere as she hungrily deepthroats my cock. It’s the best blowjob I’ve ever had in my life. Just when I feel like I’m about to cum she stops sucking my cock and orders me to wank off over her ass. She bends over, spreads her ass cheeks and pussy and demands I squirt my spunk all over her to which I willingly oblige. My hot load covers Dani’s ass like a creamy vanilla sundae and I leave the toilet cubicle feeling very happy!


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