Aren’t we lucky! The second, incredible new BSX series announcement within a week. If you liked the sound of the new Series with Amelia Brookes, you’re going to love this one from Lexi Lowe. It features four, brand scenes, exclusive to Babestation. The scenes star Beth, Jasmine Jae, Emma Leigh, Sam Bentley, and there’s a boy/girl scene with Ryan Ryder.

Below you can find a selection of pictures from all four scenes to whet your appetite.

The idea behind this series is that Lexi Lowe has chosen four fantasies that she wants to live out, four desires of Lexi Lowe. At the start of each scene you will hear the voice of Lexi introducing her fantasy and giving you some idea of what’s about to go down, and then it’s straight to the action. Below is a brief synopsis of each scene, take a look.

Lexi Lowe & Emma Leigh

Here, Lexi has heard that new girl Emma Leigh wants to get into the porn industry, so she invites round for a chat to see if she’s cut out to be a porn star. Before long, the girls decide it might be a good idea to practice a little porn scene of their own, and out come the toys! Watch it on the BSX website.

Lexi Lowe & Beth

It’s time for a bit of relaxation. Lexi books her usual masseuse to come round and work her over, a Spanish guy that comes round twice a week. This time, the agency sends someone new, it’s Beth! She may not have the technique that Lexi is used to, but more than makes up for it with her eager fingers and tongue. Watch it on the BSX website.

Lexi Lowe & Jasmine Jae

In this one, Lexi is feeling a bit feisty so decides to call an escort she has taken a liking to after seeing her picture online. It turns out to be the very sexy porn star, Jasmine Jae. Jasmine turns up wearing some kinky boots and it’s all a bit much for Lexi Lowe. She’s in the mood to be dominated, which just so happens to be something Jasmine Jae is extremely good at! Watch it on the BSX website.

Lexi Lowe & Samantha Bentley

If you’re having a bit of trouble with your water system at home, the sensible thing to do is call a plumber (that’s right, a porno classic here guys!). I don’t know about you, but if I call a plumber round, I’m expecting a burly man in overalls, so imagine Lexi Lowe’s surprise when Samantha Bentley turns up! Especially a Sam Bentley who’s wearing ass-crack shorts, a dirty vest, is effing and blinding in a cockney accent and carrying a huge toolbox. Sam proceeds to make a bit of a miss of Lexi’s kitchen. Lexi decides the best solution to this is to seduce the sexy new plumber. She goes and changes in a sexy negligee, opens the vegetable and gets down to business! Watch it on the BSX website.

Lexi Lowe & Ryan Ryder

You know that scene in American Beauty with the rose petals, and the bath, and the seduction of Kevin Spacey? Lexi Lowe happens to love that scene and decides to recreate this with one of her new lovers on the scene. In comes Ryan Ryder who, as you would expect from any red-blooded male, doesn’t need a second invitation to get involved in this fantasy. Cue the hardcore boy-girl action, you know the drill. It’s pretty damn good! Watch it on the BSX website.

As well as the Babestation X website, you can view these scenes over the coming weeks on our pay-per-view channel. This is on Freeview channel 174 and starts at 11pm. Just head to the channel and press the red button to order! You can also order on the website.

See all the pictures and videos for these scenes on the Babestation X website!