We’re so happy that Jada has been with us so long!  She’s such a Babestation All-Star we doubt she’ll ever stop doing what she does best!

And tonight of course she’ll be appearing on Babestation X for a live, and very dirty show.  They don’t call her “Dirty” Jada for nothing you know.  Not if this picture is anything to go by; just look into her eyes and you can tell how filthy she is.

Jada on Babestation X tonight

Dirty Jada from Babestation

You can also follow Jada on Twitter if you’d like to chat with her prior to her show; she’d love to hear from you I’m sure.  All our girls like to get ideas about clothes and shows etc from their fans, and we know there are a lot of Jada fans out there!
Talking about Jada and the amount of time she’s been with us here at Babestation TV, you might be interested in looking at the member’s area of the website to see just how much content we’ve got of Jada.

Remember that you can see all this content, and watch the live show tonight if you sign up for a trial membership for £1.50!  That’s got to be good right?  The ultimate Jada package!

Babestation – Home of Jada!

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