Disclaimer: This fantasy fiction story about Elicia Solis has been submitted by a fan and has no connection to the babe.

It had been 6 months since my divorce so I decided to treat myself to an escort to help brush the cobwebs away and get myself back in the game. I decided upon a sexy tanned brunette called Elicia Solis who was just my type – perky tits and a peachy ass that looked good enough to eat.

Upon arrival at the apartment, I was starting to feel the nerves creeping up on me. All that melted away once I saw Elicia Solis who opened the door looking statuesque and stunning. She carries herself well and has a lovely face to die for. After freshening up Elicia leads the way down the corridor to the bedroom. We start with some French kissing which leads on to Elicia stripping nude and us having lots of foreplay. I very much enjoy the taste of pussy and Elicia’s pussy was one of the tastiest I have ever had the pleasure of licking. Very wet too! We then proceed to 69 to both our enjoyment. She sure knows how to suck a cock. She deepthroats my shaft and gags to give me that extra arousing sound effect, creating lots of spit. The blowjob is so intense that I can barely concentrate on licking her pussy so I switch to hardcore tongue fucking and fingering. I’m a bit of a kinky fucker so whilst Elicia Solis is riding my fave I use this as a good opportunity to suck, lick and eat her ass. Elicia is clearly loving getting her ass rimmed by me as she pushes back on my tongue. I didn’t want to blow my load too soon so I asked Elicia is I could fuck her doggy style on the floor. She looked eager as I bend her over and fuck her tight little pussy whilst grabbing her tits. I spank her ass as I pound away and she tells me she has a naughty surprise. She reaches into her bag whilst I’m still inside her and pulls out a jewelled butt plug. She pops it in her ass and I look down at her sexy jewelled ass as I fuck her. Elicia Solis then pulls out the butt plug and demands that I pull out of her pussy and wank my cock into her gaping asshole. To finish Elicia  squats over me and let’s the anal creampie dribble out all over my chest.