We’d like to tell you a little more about one of your firm favourites (no pun intended!)

This girl is an absolute champion for Babestation and after being in the babe channel business for over 12 years now, we know what we’re talking about and we certainly know who is popular.  Cali is gaining popularity with every show!

Cali Garcia

Age: 24

Dress size: 8

Height: 5’7

Boobs: 32D

Daytime Cali
Cali Garcia on Daytime


Cali Garcia is our lovely half Spanish Londoner with a fantastic body that we’re sure most of you have at one point or other indulged in on the television.  Cali is very happy to be a Babestation girl and she’s becoming very popular indeed!

Cali enjoys all the things you’d expect a sexy young thing like this to enjoy: shopping, partying, holidays and working out at the gym (and this one really shows!)  In her grand plan Cali longs to be able to run the London Marathon one day; perhaps we’ll see her there?  I can hear a thousand men reaching into the back of the wardrobe for their running shoes as I write this!

Cali started off in the modelling industry and quickly progressed into glamour and adult interest.  A few of her girlfriends at the time worked on the babe channels and now the rest is history, as they say.  She has no plans to advance any further than fully nude work at the moment, but this doesn’t mean she’s not a naughty girl!

Nice tits Cali
Cali on Daytime

Sex and the ideal man

When it comes to men she likes them strong!  Her ideal man must be able to lift her up and throw her around the bedroom apparently.  We’re sure that just thinking about watching that tight little, peachy arse shaking around the bedroom is enough to get you off!  Other attributes for her ideal man include a good sense of humour, no one boring person, and even though it’s a little cheesy she likes romantics; oh and you’d have to take care of yourself too, and have good teeth.  Not too much to ask then!

Top tips

She’s a very appreciative young woman Cali Garcia and she loves all the attention she gets on the show.  However, she has a particular preference for those who get into the calls, and female callers.

And you can catch Cali Garcia on the show tomorrow – Daytime going into the Night show… We’re sure she’d love to talk to you.

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