Hey folks

Thank fook it’s Friday! Not just because I get to lounge around in my underwear all weekend but because there is something oh so special happening this weekend; If you need reminding it’s MOTHERFLIPPIN HALLOWEEN COSPLAY WEEKEND on Babestation yo! Yup, starting tonight the girls will slip into their sexiest cosplay outfits and rev the sex appeal up to 100 for an all outs, balls out show.

The line up for this weekends event is utterly spectacular, certainly not something you’re going to want to miss so if you have a night out planned, cancel it! Blow off your mates and hunker down for a night on the sofa because THIS is UNMISSABLE!

Friday 28th
Dannii Harwood
Lexi Lowe
Nicole Snow

Saturday 29th
Dannii Harwood
Nicole Snow
Lexie Lowe
Alice Goodwin

If last years Halloween extravaganza is anything to go by, these girls will pulling out all the stops with this weekends cosplay. Remember Dannii Harwoods insanely sexy Superwoman costume? Expect even more raunchy comic book heroes and maybe a couple of villains. I hope to see a Harley Quinn cosplayer when I tune in tonight! I reckon Dannii would absolutely smash it as Harley Quinn! Especially in those tiny hotpants!!


For those who are fans of the insatiable Alice Goodwin, she will be appearing on Babestation for tomorrow nights show. I personally cannot wait to see what outfit she’ll be squeezing those perfect boobs into. Wonder woman perhaps? She could certainly give Gal Gadot a run for her money!


Preeti is another Babestation legend who will be flashing her heavenly ass this weekend.  I’ve had many a night out (and early morning) with Preeti and even without makeup, she is true perfection. Not to mention utterly hilarious! The banter is strong with this one! She also takes extreme pride is her outfit choices so I’m excited to see what she will be unveiling for her fans.


So get yourself ready boys and tune in to Babestation TV TONIGHT and TOMORROW for the Halloween Spooktacular of your lives!!! I know I will be!

Catch you later


Reede xxxx