Every wanted to know a little more about the lovely Hannah Claydon?

Well in our member’s area right now you can get an exclusive interview with Hannah, along with some lovely video footage of her tits!  That’s what we like to see, information and tits at the same time right?  Hannah is a very sexy woman with a lot of naughty secrets.  It’s always nice to get a bit of inside information (no pun intended) about one of our girls before you call her on the phone, and this should give you all you need for a lovely conversation with her.

Hannah C
interview with Hannah Claydon

You’ll learn about her favourite music etc, but also quite a lot about her personality and what she likes to get up to.  She may come across as being a little shy occasionally, but once you get to know her you’ll realise that she’s quite the extrovert

By the way, here’s a little hint – this Yorkshire lass likes her men in charge, guys that can put her in her place, because apparently she’s a bit of a handful (you’re telling me!)  And she also likes to dress up in the bedroom too!

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