First we’d like to thank everyone who called in last night and helped the girls celebrate our 11th Birthday…

On tonight’s show we have a number of Babestation favourites, including:

  • Lori
  • Georgie
  • Cali
  • Leigh (you can also see Leigh Darby on Babestation X this Friday night!)
  • Sami
  • Beth
  • Maddie

If there’s nothing there you like then you must be crazy!  We’re rolling out the big guns for you this week.  Brookie Little is on tomorrow too, just in case there are a number of her fans reading.

Babestation's Lori
Lori Buckby on tonight!

Babestation X

It continues on Babestation X tonight with the lovely Paige Turnah on the live show.  You’ll also be pleased to hear that Paige will be allowed to do pretty much what she wants during the first half an hour online before we go to Freeview 174.  That should be enough time for you members to get your exclusive show with this Babestation goddess!  If you’re not a member you can sign up on Babestation for £1.50 for a two day trial membership if you like.

Babestation – Wish it could be our birthday every week!