Your schedule for Babestation today…


  • Lola
  • Maddie
  • Ruby Summers


  • Lori Buckby 21.00-05.30
  • Beth 21.00-05.30
  • Sophie Parker 22.00-05.30
Dani Amour
The lovely Dani Amour

That’s a pretty awesome trio there for you right?  Well, it gets even better.  We’ve had an amazing response from you guys regarding our Real Housewives of Babestation and the girls have been queuing up to get on the show.  It’s great to see Dani Amour back as one of the real wives, and she certainly knows a thing or two about keeping men happy.  Experience really does count for a hell of a lot you know?  That and a giant pair of fantastic tits of course!

Housewife tits
Sarah Louise – Massive Housewife tits!

Real Housewives of Babestation tonight:

  • Sarah Louise
  • Dani Amour

Make sure you tune in and catch the show guys, you’re not going to regret it for a moment!

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