What do you know about Jaiden West and Marc Rose?

Well there isn’t a lot that you need to know, other than the fact she’ll be fucked senseless live on the Unleashed show this Sunday by Marc Rose.  These two UK porn stars are ready to rock your world on Sunday from 10-11pm!

We don’t very often see Marc Rose on the Unleashed show, in fact this may actually be his first appearance on Unleashed (don’t quote me!)  This guy has been fucking for a living for a long time now, and he’s seen and played with the naughty bits of many UK and international porn stars over the years so we’re keen to see what he’s going to do with Jaiden West on Sunday.

Live sex show this Sunday

Marc Rose and Jaiden West this Sunday on Unleashed

We’re hoping that Dean Van Damme isn’t going to get his moustache out of joint by not screwing this Sunday, but then every stud needs a break don’t they?  And besides Dean, you’ve been getting all the action lately; it’s about time we see another stud go to work.  It isn’t as if the studs are that important anyway really is it guys?  We only need to see a dick getting shoved in!

Anyway, if you want to get into the spirit of things and chat to the two stars before the show on Sunday you can follow Marc Rose on Twitter, and you can also follow Jaiden West on Twitter.  These two are often posting up dirty pictures and I’m sure they’ll be some porn star banter going around before the weekend – be a part of it!

Live sex show this Sunday

Live sex show this Sunday

As always, you can watch the live Unleashed shows on Babestation for free if you’re a member, and if you’re not you can watch for as little as £1.50!

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