Leigh Darby says no to racism…

Babestation continue to battle on against racism.  Today its the lovely Leigh Darby of course.  One problem with Leigh however was that we seemed to get through a lot of bananas and we’re not quite sure what she was doing with them all!  Hmmmmmmmm….  Anyway, we managed to get a shot of her with one before we had to rush off out and buy even more.

Leigh Darby
Leigh Darby says no to racism

If you want to learn more about why our girls are doing this you can Google Say no to Racism, or you can just look back to 1st May on this blog and you’ll be enlightened.  Of course you might just fancy jerking off to a picture of Leigh Darby with a banana, and this is fine of course.

However, if you’re going to do that, please show your support for Leigh and the other Babestation girls when you’ve finished, and indeed anyone else who takes a stand against racism, by posting this article on your social network with #saynotoracism