Howdy fellas, How art thou this fine Friday? I have had a pretty eventful week this week. After more than a little sweat, stress and I have finally bought a house! Yay! It’s only taken me 32 fucking years!!!! To be fair I wasn’t very wise when I was younger, back then my most important purchase was my hair extensions.  Anyway, enough about me! Let’s talk tits and fit birds! Some of you may or may not be aware but this week saw the return of the stunning Megan Coxxx. The once brunette bombshell returned to Babestation after being away for two years with sexy blonde locks and what appeared to be bigger boobs! She is also going new the new name of Marni Moore but after making such a name for herself in porn, it’s going to be hard for fans to see her as anyone but Megan. She had a cracking first day back; with her big smile and was totally at ease talking to her callers.

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In other news, you’ve probably seen the latest internet craze sweeping the nation known as ‘The Mannequin Challenge’. If you haven’t then you’ve clearly been living under a rock because it is EVERYWHERE! It’s a viral video where people remain frozen in action like mannequins while a video is recorded of them. People are taking it pretty seriously and to be fair, if pulled off can be pretty bloody impressive! One such video made by Babestation is leaps and bounds ahead of the other videos I’ve seen and is possible one of the sexiest things ever! What could be better than seeing Priya, Jenna, Olivia, Ashley and standing still while the camera man zooms in to their phenomenal asses?!? Alice Goodwin could have been mistaken for a real life mannequin. She wouldn’t look out of place in an Ann Summers window display!

Some of you may not realise how huge this actually is! To get a bunch of models in a changing room to be quiet and keep still for a minute is no easy feat. Trust me, I speak from experience!

Don’t forget to check back in next week  when I’ll have some sneaky info on BRAND NEW GIRLS. Stay tuned!


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