If you are a fan of adult entertainment, then you must have heard of Babestation. And if you are a fan of the babe channel, then you definitely know who Mckenzie Bleu is. For those who don’t, Mckenzie Bleu is one of the rising stars on Babestation.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to Mckenzie Bleu . We will also take a deep dive into how Mckenzie Bleu made it to be one of the most popular stars on Babestation. Lastly, we will talk about what the future holds for Mckenzie Bleu in the adult entertainment industry and her relationship with fellow star Montana Fox. So, let’s get started!

McKenzie Bleu

Who is Mckenzie Bleu?

From humble beginnings, Mckenzie Bleu has emerged as a prominent figure in the adult entertainment industry. Babestation, the UK-based TV channel and website that features adult content, quickly recognised her talent and included her on their roster of performers. Her popularity has since skyrocketed, leading to increased media attention and her expanding presence on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and OnlyFans. Mckenzie Bleu’s rise to fame highlights the growing acceptance and demand for adult entertainment in modern society.

Mckenzie Bleu’s Journey to Babestation Stardom

Mckenzie Bleu started her career as a model and webcam performer before making her way to Babestation. Being the daughter of Princess Levi, whose real name is Jemma, has been in the industry for 21 years having joined Babestation when it first launched on Sky TV in 2002.

Interviewed by the Daily Star Mckenzie explained how she used to be teased at school McKenzie faced laddish jokes about how much of a ‘MILF‘ her mum was. Laughing, McKenzie, 21, told Daily Star: “At school boys would joke around with me being like ‘oh yeah your mum is so fit’ etc.

“Now I have people from school signing up to my page and stuff and I hate it but it is what it is, they are paying you know.

“It all started when I was in primary school, so quite young. I was in Year 5 and they would joke around with me and when mum picked me up from school they would say things across the playground like ‘your mum is fit’ and I would be like ‘oh god mum let’s go’.”

McKenzie, who has been a Babesation regular since the lockdowns, also spoke about first being told about her mum’s work life.

And she revealed that it allowed her to have an unforgettable upbringing.

She said: “I was quite young when I found out and I loved the idea of her being a glamour model and my friends thought it was cool too.

“I was happy for her and she would work night shifts and I never noticed her being at work and we had so much bonding time because of her job.

“She would work at night and catch up on her sleep when I was in school so there wasn’t a time where we weren’t joined by the hip.

“I have never been spoiled but she always bought me the latest gadgets and made sure I was happy.

“We used to go on three or four holidays a year whenever I had a break from school we would go away and I went to Disneyland every year and I had the best time growing up.

“I feel like I had a luxury lifestyle that maybe other children didn’t and I experienced quite a lot and I am really lucky and really grateful to her for that because if she had a different job we wouldn’t have been able to afford all that stuff.”

Despite the mockery from boys, her school pals loved her mum and McKenzie said hers was the “fun home”.

McKenzie Bleu

Early Life and Career Choices

Despite her admiration for her mother and Levi’s Babestation friends, whom she considers as her aunts, she did not envision herself taking a similar path. Instead, she aimed to pursue business administration and secure a traditional office job. However, due to the Covid-19 lockdown, she was motivated to create an OnlyFans account temporarily to earn some extra cash after turning 18 years old. To her surprise, within 24 hours of announcing that she is Levi’s daughter, she had acquired nearly 1,000 subscribers.

“I rang my mum and even she was quite shocked – and from there I never looked back,” she said.

McKenzie said: “I have found it really good.

“With my mum doing this for so long and her friends, my aunties, promoting me when I’m on shift it has been really easy.

“I already had my own little platform and my own fan base and people knew me as Princess Levi’s daughter

.Some of my friends also do this and they have found it a bit more hard to build up but I have found it really easy.

“It’s funny though because if it wasn’t for lockdown I would definitely not be doing Babestation. But I am grateful that I am here now.”

Babestation is known for its talented and sexy models, and Mckenzie Bleu is no exception. Mckenzie’s natural charm and good looks made her an instant hit with fans. Mckenzie has a sense of humour and sharp eye for getting attention. Her Girl-Girl shows with other upcoming models have caught the attention of Babestation fans.

Mum and daughter earn £1k for five-minute clip of them eating mousse in lingerie

Mum Jemma, insists they “don’t take off their clothes” as Ellie treats it “like a normal job”.

Specialising in the niche content, the duo have made fetish clips.

One lad even paid £1,000 for a five-minute clip of them eating chocolate mousse in lingerie.

“We have a collection of guys we do content for together – including one where we have to eat chocolate mousse together.”

She added: “We get £500 each for a five minute video of us eating it in lingerie, we won’t do anything weird or illegal.

“I get why people might think it is weird, but we are not breaking laws or OnlyFans guidelines.

“It’s just like a normal job for me and my mum, and the money is just too good to turn down.

“It’s crazy I can’t ever see myself having another career, you wont get this money anywhere else.”

Mckenzie and Montana Fox

Montanna Foxx is another fast up and coming Babestation star and Onlyfans creator from Essex her and Mckenzie have been making waves with their girl-girl shows on BabestationCams

The hottest, naughtiest duo around. What’s not to love , for the best experience ever.

This is Mckenzie Bleu’s and Montanna Foxx’s joint account… “We love dress up, we love some foot play and would love to be your sub. This is a fantasy come true trust me, we are both brand new to cam young and have a joint account…. together.”

McKenzie Bleu


In conclusion, Mckenzie Bleu has become a household name on the UK babe channel scene. thanks to her unique selling point and exceptional performance on Babestation. It’s not just her stunning beauty but also her engaging personality that sets her apart from the rest.

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