Disclaimer: This fantasy fiction story about British porn star Michelle Moist has been submitted by a fan and has no connection to the babe.

I heard through Twitter that there was going to be a meet and greet with a bunch of hot glamour models and porn stars in my hometown so naturally the lads and I bought tickets. Among the stars was going to be my favourite XXX actress, Michelle, who I’d been a fan of since I first saw her naked and giving a dildo a footjob on Sexstation. I wasn’t really into feet but I loved that Michelle was willing to act out any fantasy that her callers wanted, whether it was a blowjob, escort fantasy or extreme pussy squirt show.

The event rolls around and by mates and I are queuing up to meet Michelle Moist, Jess West and Michelle Thorne. We couldn’t see the models as they were behind a curtain in a sectioned off area to keep things hidden from the rest of the public. I get to the front and a security guard tells me that no phones or cameras are permitted so I’m starting to get nervous about what I’m about to see and as the security guard pulls back the red velvet curtain I get a good look at all the action happening right in front of my eyes. To the left were glamour models who were signing pics with their videos playing on large screens behind them but to the right were all the porn stars who were piled on a bed engaging in what could only be described as a lesbian orgy. Michelle was eating Jess West’s pussy whilst nude Jess was fucking Michelle Thorne up the ass with a large dildo. I’d only ever seen these pornstars on TV so seeing a full on live anal sex show happening right in front of me was like something out of a fantasy. There were about 5 fans all standing around watching when Michelle Moist turns her attention to us and asks which one of us would like to fuck her tight ass. We all raise our hands and she chooses me. I whip out my hard cock and the girls get me nice and lubed up ready to fuck Michelle. I pound her tight ass whilst Jess and Michelle Thorne make out with each other and cheer me on. I blow my hot load in Michelle Moist’s ass and watch in amazement as Jess & Michelle lick the creampie from her peachy bum.

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