Don’t get the Monday Blues…

We’ve got more boobs and bums than you’re ever going to need to get you through a Monday… And besides, take a look outside, the sun is shining; spring is truly on the way!

Babestation Daytime today

  • Lexie Rider
  • Ruby Summers


  • Preeti
  • Savannah
  • Beth
  • Leigh
  • Gina
  • Rebecca

Very nice line up indeed!

Babestation's Beth
Beth outside on her latest shoot

Have you seen the latest pictures of these girls on the website?  If not you need to go and check them out, and if you’re not a member please remember that you can get access to everything for two days for just £1.50… Now I know for a fact that this is less than some loaves of bread for goodness sake, so why not look at tits all day and cut down on your carbs?

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