Most of my friends know I’m a Cam Girl and a few of them know I’ve got a really naughty streak so wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out the kind of things I get up to when I am on Cam. My profile describes me as being a very Naughty, Amateur Cam Girl who likes to get up to all sorts of things in front of my webcam. I’ll do pretty much anything (that’s legal) for a nice tip and absolutely love to tease and please guys and girls when they join me for some fun.

I once had 14 guys all watching me strip and egging me on to take off more and more clothes. In the end I had to ask them to tip me coz I couldn’t choose which one to have a naughty private session with. I was feeling so horny, I decided to give 3 of them a private show one after the other and by the end my pussy was so shagged, I reckon I could have got all 3 cocks in there at once!

I’ve got lots of sex toys and love exposing my pussy and filling both holes. I recently got a Lovense toy so that the guys could tip me to buzz which is amazing fun and now I’ve just received my vibrating butt plug which I can’t wait to try out. I like it when a guy knows what he wants (usually me lol) and I like to hear him and see him wanking his cock and rubbing his balls.

I prefer it when a guy goes C2C with me then we can really get intimate and wank together. I’m an expert at deep throat and know just how to position myself to get all of that juicy cock down my throat. I sometimes have to actually make myself gag, coz guys love that and I’ve even been known to fit at least 1 of your balls into my mouth, sometimes both, at the same time as cock!

I think Blowjobs are 2nd favourite on my list but first is definitely fucking both holes at the same time. I go crazy for double entry fucking and get so wet that my ass doesn’t need any added lubricant. That’s why I’m so excited to try out my new vibrating butt plug as it’s going to be fucking amazing to get vibed in both holes, while I’m on cam. In fact I’m so excited to try it out, I might even do a quick session in Group chat and see how many horny guys I can turn on at once!

A couple of nights ago, I was lucky enough to have one of my regulars join me in Group and then tip me to go Private with him. He wanted to see how long I would last with the vibe in my pussy. He kept tipping over and over again, waiting until just as I was on the brink of having an orgasm and stopping. Then he’d make me beg him to tip some more so I could feel it buzzing inside, tickling my G-Spot and making my clit ache so badly.

In the end after about an hour, I came so hard, the vibe shot right out of my pussy, followed by loads of come gushing everywhere. I was absolute spent (and so was his wallet) but I was really pleased to know that he’d seen every drop squirting from my pussy and told me if he could, he would lick up every single last drop. I think it was at that point that he jerked his cock right in front of me and his come spurted all over his camera and screen.

I hope he didn’t ruin his camera or screen as I haven’t seen him back since and to be honest, I did start to wonder whether cum could actually damage your equipment. No sign of ‘Cum-Proof’ on the packaging! So perhaps it’s best if you watch exactly where you squirt in future.