When I look back on my time at Babestation, two names jump out at me for making my time there extra fun and mischievous – I’m talking about Babestation twins Preeti and Priya, and how they went from nervous newbies to legendary headliners.

Preeti and Priya

The girls first made their debut appearance back in the summer of 2010, and no one knew back then what was about to hit them! Hot twins appearing on a babe show was a completely unknown concept at the time, and fans went wild for these two identical exotic beauties. The pair seemed to have it all – the looks, the body, the banter! But did they have the staying power?!

Preeti and Priya

Their first night went without a hitch. Both girls appeared to be well up for it and didn’t seem at all nervous. But looking back over old clips, you can clearly see signs of first-night jitters creeping in. If you compare footage from then and now, you’ll see from the expression on their faces that they are so much more relaxed now. We’ve all been there; I was freaking out during my first few shows. I was so nervous I had to down a shot of vodka just to summon the courage to climb on that bed! It worked though! There’s nothing like some Dutch courage!

After their first month it was clear that Babestation had found a rare gem in Preeti and Priya. Two dominant, strong characters with a wicked sense of humour and some seriously jaw-dropping curves! In the beginning, it was Preeti who had a monopoly of the shifts, which mainly consisted of stints on Partyland, which was the lesser-known Freeview channel at the time. Once Preeti started pulling in the big numbers and rising up the ranks, she was given a prime spot on Babestation 1 and Babestation Xtra.

With Priya not being on as often as her sister, it took her a little longer to achieve top-babe status. Her climb to the top was gradual but no less deserving. As individuals these two were successful but together they were unstoppable!

Since their rise to the top of the Babestation food chain, the pair have gone from strength to strength; appearing in mainstream TV shows, including My Mum’s Hotter Than Me. After the episode aired, the girls were splashed all over the tabloids were fascinated by the glamorous lives of these gorgeous twins and their equally hot mum.

Preeti and Priya take a selfie in a cab

They also starred in a short film titled Hello Stranger. The interview below highlights the girls strength and empowerment. This definitely embodies more of the Preeti and Priya that I know today.

These girls have come a long way since those early days on Partyland, and I see them achieving many more great things in the future. Keep up the great work girls!

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Preeti Babestation Cams

Priya-Young Babestation Cams